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Perform longer than ever before with Vivaxa

Perform longer than ever before with VivaxaSome people say that sexual revolution started early in the 20th century, but it is our opinion that we are seeing the true revolution in the last few decades. Before that, most time was spent on dispelling certain myths and getting to know that pretty much everything is being done more commonly than people thought and that there is very little that falls outside the purview of normal sexual behavior. However, only in the last few decades have we seen the shift towards the pleasure that a woman feels from having sex. Historically, this was very much neglected and it was only important for the man to achieve an orgasm. However, today, it is considered that a sexual act that hasn’t lead to a female orgasm is a very incomplete sexual act.



However, the female anatomy is such that women generally need some time before they can reach an orgasm. There are very few women that can reach an orgasm from penetration in under two minutes. Unfortunately, it is also estimated that men in large number of cases manage to reach an orgasm in under two minutes. For some men, it is not that difficult to prolong the duration of intercourse, but some men find it very difficult to have sex for more than minute or two. If this is chronic, the condition is known as premature ejaculation. Well, all you men with this issue can sigh in relief now that Vivaxa is out.



Vivaxa is a relatively new product from the same company that brought you Maxoderm, the most amazing male enhancement cream on the market. They have applied the same level of professionalism and care in developing this new topical solution that is aimed specifically at a very particular problem, that problem being premature ejaculation. And even if you do not suffer from premature ejaculation and you simply wish to prolong the time of intercourse, you can also rely on Vivaxa as it will provide you with everything you want.

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This fantastic new product is superior to all other premature ejaculation treatments due to a number of factors. Unlike many of them, it is perfectly natural and it relies solely on natural ingredients to provide relief from this condition. This has resulted in a perfect safety profile, meaning that the side effects are not an issue with Vivaxa.



Furthermore, Vivaxa is better than most similar products in that it does not compromise the quality of erections. Thanks to one of its ingredients – peptide 171, it actually improves the erections while staving off the orgasm. Finally, it also has the property of being absorbed instantly, which means that the female sexual organs will not be desensitized due to the use of Vivaxa, which will allow them to enjoy in the longer sexual acts and enhanced erections.

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